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How to make websites accessible for people with disabilities

Most services, products and information are now available on the Internet through websites.

The Internet can play an important role in empowering people with disabilities. However, if the websites are not accessible, they are of no use.

Here are some basic tips to make a website accessible.

  1. Websites should use fonts and colors that can be easily seen by people with visual impairments. Darker words, outlines, and higher contrast on letters, is better for people with low vision.

  2. Zoom option or screen magnification software can also make it possible to make the fonts bigger for users with low vision.

  3. Voiceover features can tell website users about the content. It also makes navigating the website easier.

  4. Head-tracking software can help move the pointer with head movements.

  5. Options for dictation commands.

Technology is improving very fast, making the world more accessible for people with disabilities.

Website designers can play a major role in promoting inclusion by designing accessible websites.

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