Voice technology by Apple is helping these blind students to code

Voice technology is at the center of a new app by Apple that is allowing blind students to create computer programs.

The app was launched by tech giant, Apple, before students at the Texas School for the Blind, in the United States.

The launch took place at the school playground. A small group of students gathered and looked into the sky. They were looking for a drone that soon landed on one of the student’s hands.

This is an incredible experience for students, who have never been exposed to coding before.

The first day ended with students learning how to launch and land drones. The engineers used a program called Swift Playground. The program has been created by Apple to teach students how to code.

The voice-technology feature on tablets, enables students who are blind or with low vision to hear screen descriptions aloud, make selections, and program drones.

The students in the workshop were between the ages of 13 to 21 years.

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