Over half of elderly women over 60 years in India feel isolated & marginalized, says study

Gender discrimination affects elderly women in India too.

A study by NGO Agewell Foundation, says that over half of all elderly women above the age of 60 years face marginalization and isolation. The NGO works to ensure the welfare of the elderly.

The study says that due to traditional family structures, elderly women are forced to live with several restrictions.

They often find themselves marginalized and isolated. Almost all elderly women face the same problems - health, financial, emotional, abuse, discrimination, and crime. Women in cities such as Delhi have been facing serious discrimination with respect to rights and are overburdened with family responsibilities - Agewell Foundation

The survey, done by the Research and Advocacy Centre at Agewell Foundation, also says that elderly women feel an emotional void.

This is because all of them led lives centered on their families. Once they are old, the same family ignores them, as it no longer needs their services.

The study was done in 2017. Over 1,000 elderly women from nine districts of India were a part of it.

The survey highlights the need to create awareness about the rights of older women in India.

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