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Indian students develop prizewinning glove that helps deaf people to communicate

Five engineering students from Bengaluru have won an award for developing a device that allows people who are deaf and speech impaired to communicate with others.

The award-winning students are from MVJ College of Engineering. They walked away with the first prize of Rs one lakh for the device. The device is a hand glove embedded with sensors that allows a deaf and speech impaired person to communicate with others.

The students are Devanshu Jha, Chiragdeep Singh Malhotra, Muhammad Hameem Safwat Hussain, Abhishek Nanda and Moinudeen. They say they got the idea while brainstorming for the final year project.

They had seen some of their deaf and speech impaired friends struggle to communicate in sign language with people who do not know the language. They decided to make a device that would allow them to communicate with others.

The glove is fitted with sensors, which pick up the signs. The data is collected from all the sensors in each finger to translate the sign. The output is shown through an LCD screen. The person wearing the glove communicates in sign language.

The team is working on creating a design that is compact and easy to carry.

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