Here is how a cancer survivor & mom to a child with autism celebrates life

37-year-old Neha Bhasin Madhok believes in living life, king-sized! A graduate of Harvard University in the United States, Neha runs a center for children with autism inside a private school in New Delhi.

Neha does this alongside her chemotherapy treatment. She is a cancer survivor.

Neha has a strong message for all women out there. She says women are creators of generations. As such, depression, pressures, and stress are to be looked at as part of life. So, realize the worth of your life.

As a single mother, Neha has a lot of responsibility. She copes with the daily stresses through meditation. She says this has calmed her down, and helped her realize her inner power.

At Neha’s center for children with autism, there are three teachers and consultants. Lessons in sports, special education, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are taught here.

Neha says she chooses not to dwell on the negatives that life has sometimes given her. She believes in moving on with positive thoughts, for her son and for herself.

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