This professional bodybuilder from Kerala wears a hijab!

23-year-old Majiziya Bhanu from Kerala, is a professional bodybuilder. The strong-willed and focused girl is breaking the popular stereotypes simply by following her dreams.

She does her bodybuilding practice wearing a hijab.

Majiziya won the best woman fitness physique award at the Ms Kerala contest organized by the Body-lifting Association in February.

She is also studying to be a dentist. Majiziya was introduced to the world of bodybuilding by her fiancé, who encouraged her.

He showed her photographs of Muslim women wearing a hijab from countries like Egypt, who were into bodybuilding.

This was an eye-opener for Majiziya. She decided to pursue bodybuilding too. She started training towards the end of 2016.

Majiziya has been awarded the title of the strongest woman of Kerala three times, by the state's Powerlifting Association.

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