Child in Agra loses hearing after he is slapped by teacher

In a terrible incident of child abuse reported from Agra, a 10-year-old boy has lost his hearing after his teacher beat him.

The incident took place at a government primary school at Azizpur village, under Malpura police jurisdiction, in Agra. The teacher ran away from the school when the boy, Akash Singh, started bleeding from the ears.

Akash has said that the teacher, Gajender, started slapping him on his ears after he saw Akash talking in the class. Gajender kept slapping him until he saw blood come out of Akash’s ears.

The child lives in the village, Uda Ka Nagla, which is close to the school.

Akash’s father, Roop Singh, says that his son came back home crying and bleeding heavily from the ears. He tried to speak to the school principal about the matter, but she did not respond. Roop Singh then decided to file a police complaint.

Akash’s parents and the teacher have now come to an agreement. The police case has been withdrawn. The school has launched a probe into the incident.

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