Rajasthan passes bill giving death sentence for rape of girls aged 12 or below

Rajasthan government has passed a bill that proposes death sentence for rape and gang rape of girls aged 12 years and below.

This makes Rajasthan the second state in India to pass a bill that calls for death for rapists of girls below 12.

Madhya Pradesh had passed a similar bill in November 2017. However, the bill is still awaiting the consent of the President of India.

The new bill, Criminal Laws (Rajasthan amendment) Bill-2018 was supported by all members of the ruling party in Rajasthan. It was introduced in the state assembly on 6 March 2018.

The bill was introduced due to the recent increase in sexual assaults against minors in India.

As per the data from National Crime Records Bureau’s 2016 report, Rajasthan is at the fifth position in crimes against women and children.

It is hoped that stricter punishment will act as a deterrent and reduce sexual crimes against children.

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