Hospital in Uttar Pradesh slammed for using patient's amputated leg as a pillow

The staff at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh have been strongly criticized after a shocking video showed that an amputated leg of a patient was used as a ‘pillow’ to raise his head.

An investigation has been ordered.

According to news reports, the patient suffered terrible treatment at the hands of doctors and nurses at the Maharani Laxmibai Medical College in Jhansi, in Uttar Pradesh.

The patient was brought to the hospital after he was involved in a road accident. Doctors were forced to amputate his left foot and part of the lower leg.

After the video showed the man lying with the amputated limb under his head, College Principal Sadhna Kaushik accused the patient’s relatives of putting the cut off limb there.

However, the patient's relatives say this is a wrong statement. They said they found the amputated leg under his head. When they asked the hospital about it, no one said anything. None of the doctors listened to their pleas for a pillow.

A committee has been set up to probe the incident. Hospital authorities have promised strict action. Three hospital staffers have been suspended.

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