Prescribe knitting to reduce treatment costs for dementia & depression, says British report

Prescribing knitting could save the British health care system millions of pounds. This is because it lowers blood pressure, reduces depression, and slows down the onset of dementia.

These are the findings of the organization Knit for Peace, that looked at the health benefits of this craft.

The research found that knitting is as relaxing as yoga, distracts from chronic pain, such as arthritis, improves wellbeing, brings down blood pressure, and keeps the mind sharp.

It also reduces loneliness and isolation. It makes the elderly feel that they are still useful to society.

Prescribing knitting could be a cheap way to battle a host of age-related conditions, says the report.

The report also says that knitting lowers the heart rate by an average of 11 beats per minute. It brings about a state of calm. It helps with chronic pain as it switches off the alarm signals in the brain, because the focus is turned elsewhere.

Repetitive movement also increases the production of serotonin, which lifts the mood and dulls pain.

The report says that knitting should be taught in schools.

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