Central government to look into causes for high number of deaf & speech impaired kids in this J&K village

The central government has decided to conduct a study a village in Jammu & Kashmir called Dhadkai. Located in Doda district, Dhadkai is also known as ‘The Village of Silence’.

This is because the village has an abnormally high number of babies born with hearing and speech disabilities.

So far, three such studies have been conducted by various government ministries in this village.

The studies show that marriages between close relatives is a big cause for the high numbers of babies born with hearing disabilities in Dhadkai village.

So far, all the studies have indicated that the people of the village are not getting married to outsiders. This causes genetic defects in the newborns.

Results of the studies have been published in various medical Journals. They point out to the need for counseling of the villagers. They also highlight the importance of early detection and screening of babies.

The government is now hoping to come up with an action plan to provide a solution to the problem.

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