2 years after he appealed for mercy killing, paralyzed West Bengal laborer finds hope

Two years ago, Suman Das from Malda district in West Bengal, wanted to die. He was depressed after a spinal cord injury left him unable to move.

He had raised the euthanasia debate in the state by seeking permission to end his life. Today, 24-year-old Suman wants to live. He is looking at life with new hope.

Suman says his focus has changed. He is able to walk with the help of a walker, thanks to a physiotherapist who is treating him free of cost.

Das had sent a letter to the Malda Collector in 2016, seeking permission to opt for euthanasia. He had just returned from a Bengaluru hospital after a spinal cord surgery.

He had to come back as the physiotherapy costs post-surgery were expensive. A poor laborer, Suman could not afford the high medical expenses.

After coming back, Suman had slipped into severe depression. A local NGO and some neighbors came to his help.

The neighbors motivated him to come out of depression. A physiotherapist attached to the NGO came to his home and took the responsibility of bringing his life back on track.

A few months back, Suman showed signs of improvement. He was able to move his limbs.

Suman suffered a spinal cord injury in 2016 while unloading sacks of rice.

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