Elderly in Andhra Pradesh want better family bonding, ask for Singapore housing model to be implemented

Senior citizens in Andhra Pradesh plan to write to their Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu to replicate the Proximity Housing Grant (PHG), implemented by the Singapore government. They believe that the scheme will help promote family bonding.

This is because many are upset by the alarming rise in the number of senior citizens being abused by immediate family members.

Members of the state's Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association want the Andhra Pradesh government to bring in laws that could bring children closer to their aged parents.

The breakdown of the traditional joint family system is being seen as one of the causes of the miseries of old persons, who are abandoned.

The senior citizens want the state government to follow programs like the PHG designed to promote mutual care and affection between aged parents and their grown-up children.

Under this scheme, families in Singapore looking to buy a flat to live with or near their parents or children, get extra money to offset costs. The grant is highest for those living with their parents/child, and a little lower for those living within a four-kilometer radius of the family.

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