Mumbai public comes out in support of farmers' protest

The Maharashtra government did not show protesting farmers’ in Mumbai city much support. However, Mumbai residents are making up for it.

Thousands of Mumbai residents, NGO’s, students, and professionals are offering all the help they can to farmers' who are in the city for the Kisan Long March. People are offering food, water, and even extra footwear to comfort the blistered feet of the farmers'.

Over 50,000 farmers have walked barefoot from Nashik to Mumbai. They have walked 180 kilometers to reach the city. Images of their blistered feet and tired faces have touched an emotional chord.

At Mumbai city, the farmers' were showered with flowers. They are sleeping on pavements in the scorching heat. Many of them are senior citizens.

The farmers' decision to do the final leg of their march in Mumbai at night so students taking exams are not affected by traffic jams was much appreciated.

Celebrities and industrialists have shown their support on social media for the farmers'. The farmers are demanding a waiver on their debt, better prices for their crops, and stopping the acquisition of farmlands for projects like the bullet train.

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