Genes play an important role in human empathy, says study

A recent study has found out that genes play an important role in human empathy. Factors like upbringing and experience are important.

Empathy is the ability to recognize another person’s feelings and thoughts. An empathetic person will relate to the other person’s experience. They will react in such a way that the other person feels better after a connection between two people is made.

A person’s emotions and feelings are given high priority by the empathetic person.

Empathy has two parts- Cognitive and Affective empathy. Cognitive empathy is when a person can recognize another person’s feelings. In Affective empathy, the person will respond in a particular manner to another person’s feelings and thoughts.

Studies over the years have shown that some people are more empathetic than others. Women are found to have more empathy than men.

Researchers also found out that genetic variants with lower levels of sympathy have higher chances of autism.

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