Notices issued to Uttar Pradesh government, Health Ministry after patient's amputated leg is used as a pillow

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has sent notices to the Uttar Pradesh government and the Union Health Ministry. This is over an incident in which a man's amputated leg was allegedly used as a pillow to prop him up in a hospital in Jhansi.

The incident occurred at the Maharani Laxmibai Medical College in Uttar Pradesh. The state government has suspended four staff members. A departmental probe has also been ordered.

The NHRC has called this an "unfair act". It has stressed the need for a thorough investigation, and action against those guilty.

The incident demands not only fair investigation and action against the guilty public servants, but also issuance of necessary directions and guidelines to all hospitals regarding strict compliance of standard norms for the disposal of bio-medical waste and amputated organs so that such incidents do not recur in future - National Human Rights Commission

The NHRC has issued the notices to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary, asking for a detailed report.

The patient, 28-year-old Ghanshyam, has said that the hospital staff put the severed leg under his head as a pillow. He had lost the leg in an accident. He was brought to the hospital in a critical condition.

The video of Ghanshyam lying on a stretcher in the hospital with the severed leg under his head went viral on social media and TV channels.

The NHRC has said that if the reports are true, it shows unethical conduct on the part of the doctors'. It also called it a violation of medical norms.

It also amounts to violation of the right to dignity of the patient, who was already undergoing trauma, due to the amputation of his leg - National Human Rights Commission

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