Sridevi's family denies reports she was in pain due to husband's poor finances

Iconic actress Sridevi's death due to accidental drowning was a big shock to the Indian film fraternity. Sridevi died on 24 February 2018 in Dubai.

Sridevi's uncle, Venugopal Reddy, had made a statement that the actress lived in pain due to Boney Kapoor's poor financial condition. He alleged that Boney Kapoor was going through a tough time financially. This was the reason why Sridevi got back to acting in films.

Reddy said that Kapoor had lost money in some films. Sridevi's properties were sold to make up for the losses. This was responsible for Sridevi's premature death as she was not at peace.

Sridevi's sister, Srilatha, has not commented on this allegation. However, her husband has issued a statement denying Reddy's allegations.

Sridevi's family has said they are in support of Kapoor.

In a statement, Srilatha's husband Sanjay Ramaswami's has said that Reddy was unknown to the family. He also said that the family is mourning in silence. He called Sridevi an inspiration to everyone in the family.

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