This Indonesian dentist is a crusader for disabled people in her country

Annita Foe is an activist and a dentist from Indonesia who has been working for the rights of people with disabilities in her country. She is also the vice president of Yayasan Surya Kebenaran International. This is a foundation that runs health clinics and provides other basic services for the poor in the region of North Sumatra.

Annita decided to step into the disability space 10 years ago. She was working in a clinic when a disabled woman came for a treatment. She noticed how the woman struggled to move from her wheelchair to the dentist’s chair.

Post treatment, Annita asked her what help she needed. The woman replied that if Annita wanted to do something, it must be for her friends who do not have legs. This answer shook Annita.

Annita decided to do her bit for people with disabilities in Indonesia. She raised funds for 8000 prosthetic limbs for people in different parts of Indonesia. Many of them were born with disabilities. Some of them lost their legs in accidents, while others had health issues.

Many of them were confined to their homes by their families. There was much stigma attached to a disability in some families. Many disabled children were not even registered by parents in government records.

These attitudes are changing now. Activists in Indonesia, and disabled people are speaking up for their rights.

With people like Annita Foe working for the rights of disabled people, Indonesians hope things will change even more for the better!

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