Lighted up bedrooms for sleep can cause depression, says new study

According to a recent study by researchers in Japan, any kind of light inside the room will lead to sleep deprivation and depression. Over the years, different researchers have proved how lack of proper sleep will lead to mental illnesses like depression.

This new study is definitely an eye-opener to youngsters and adults who sleep watching mobile videos and checking out other gadgets! Light from small passages in bedroom curtains and even smartphones can become a villain for a good night’s sleep.

Researchers say that even a slight ray of light inside the room can affect a person’s sleep. This confuses the body clock and ends up in the shutdown of Melatonin. This chemical helps us get sleep during night.

The study was published by researchers at Nara Medical University in Japan. The study was conducted on 863 adults of different age groups. While 710 participants slept in dark rooms, rest of them preferred sleeping in rooms that had some passage of light.

Researchers said that the connection of a lighted room and sleep deprivation is not clear. But chances of mental illnesses and depression due to lack of sleep has been proved over the years. Dr Kenji Obayashi, who was the lead researcher in the study said the reduction of Melatonin due to light exposure may have psychological consequences on an individual.

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