Shed these unhealthy breakfast habits!

Health experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should never be ignored.

It is also said that breakfast should be nutritious and heavy. However, eating a heavy meal as you start the day can lave you feeling lethargic and dull.

Here is a list of foods to never include in your breakfast regularly:

Paranthas with butter are yummy, but not healthy. So avoid on a daily basis. They have a high fat content. They can lead to weight gain, especially if they are not followed by an active day.It is better not to fry the Paranthas, and use a little butter, preferably homemade.

Bread or pav is also not a healthy option. If the bread is not wholewheat, you are eating at least 70% white flour or maida.

• Avoid pakoras and puris as they lead to heartburn and acidity.

Maggi, pizzas and burgers are junk food and not at all healthy.

Skipping breakfastis the worst habit of all. This can disturb the metabolism and cause digestive problems.

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