Changes in CBSE syllabus to be made with a focus on the job market

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to make changes to its syllabus. The aim is to make the curriculum job-oriented.

The CBSE has decided to discontinue two elective subjects for students of class 9. Three elective subjects will be discontinued for class 11 students.

The board is making the changes to ensure that the learning is more practical.

The subjects to be discontinued from the academic session 2018-19 are:

Class 9 students:

  1. English Communicative (code 101)
  2. Information and Communication Technology (code 166)
  3. E-Publishing and e-Office (code 354 & 454)

Subjects discontinued for Class 11 students:

  1. Dance - Mohiniyattam (code 062)
  2. Multimedia and Web Technology (code 067)
  3. English Elective CBSE (code 101)

Students who are studying these subjects currently in Class 9 and 11 shall continue with them in Class 10 and 12 in the session 2018-19.

New students will not be asked to choose these from the next academic session.

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