Advanced technology gives developed countries an edge in Winter Paralympics

The use of technology in sports is very common these days.

The latest gadgets are used to make sports more exciting and interesting for athletes and viewers.

In the ongoing Winter Paralympics, technology has made the games more accessible for disabled sportspersons.

However, most of this is available to para athletes from economically stronger countries.

As a result, they have an edge in events and win the medals.

The latest technology is used in various ways during the games. It is used for the broadcasting of games, as well as in designing equipment like racing wheelchairs and prosthetics.

Technology is being used to make the aids lighter in weight as well. They also have more usable features.

At present, lightweight aids are being developed for sportspersons with disabilities by richer countries.

However, accessibility experts say these devices will soon find their way into the market.

This means that they will be available to more people with disabilities in the future.

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