Daughter of Dubai's ruler goes missing in Goa, alleges torture by family

Sheikha Latifa, the 33-year-old daughter of Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Saeed Al Maktoum, has gone missing while holidaying in Goa.

Sheikh Mohammed has 31 sons and daughters.

In a video released by her lawyer based in the United States, Latifa is seen talking about her life in Dubai. She says she was beaten and tortured.

Reports are that Latifa got in touch with a human rights group called Detained in Dubai for help.

Latifa wanted to get out of Dubai as she was tortured and imprisoned for showing support for one of her siblings, who ran away from home.

Before disappearing from Goa, Latifa sent some WhatsApp messages to the human rights group.

In her messages, she said that she could hear some men outside her room, and the sound of gunshots.

The international agency Interpol has started looking for her. Indian authorities are also aware of the case.

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