4 tips all students must follow during the exam season

At this time of the year, students and parents come under the exam pressure. Students are under pressure to score top marks, but to do so means they have to adopt a balanced approach to health.

Having a balanced approach helps improve memory and retain what they have learned. Some of the tips essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle during upcoming exams are:

  • Exercise regularly - Physical activity does a lot of good to improve academic performance. Studies done in the United Kingdom show that regular aerobic exercise increases the size of the part of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning. It also helps in improving thinking ability by increasing oxygen flow to the brain.
  • Following a healthy diet - Eating healthy becomes even more important during the exam season. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, dairy, fish and poultry is very good at this time. It will enable students meet their nutritional needs, so they can perform at an optimum level. It also helps prevent illnesses.
  • Appropriate herbs - Ayurveda experts recommend taking the herb, Brahmi. This helps promote memory, intelligence and improves alertness. It calms the mind, makes it easier to think clearly, and improves memory retention.
  • Adequate sleep - This need is usually forgotten during exams. Students preparing for exams should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night to maintain good mental and physical health. There is a strong relationship between sleep and memory. Students who get enough sleep usually get better grades. Adequate sleep helps students be more receptive to information. This leads to better exam results.

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