Karnataka High Court imposes heavy fine on Air India for losing the wheelchair of disabled passenger

The Karnataka High Court has asked Air India to deposit Rs 5 lakh with them for failing to transport the wheelchair of a disabled passenger.

According to the petitioner, Rajalakshmi, who is a disabled woman, her travel to London was inconvenienced to a great degree due to the inefficiency of Air India officials.

She said that her customized wheelchair was missing from the baggage after she reached the airport in London. Airport authorities in London did not provide her with a wheelchair. They made her sit in a bench, which was not fit for a disabled person.

When Rajalakshmi and her family approached Air India staff, they said that the wheelchair has not been sent from India. They also said they would make arrangements for the wheelchair to arrive the very same day

However, the wheelchair arrived only the next day, and the petitioner missed her flight to Scotland. This led to heavy monetary losses and mental agony.

Rajalakshmi has also filed a case against the travel agent for not providing the facilities required for people with disabilities during travel. Rajalakshmi was put in a hotel room that did not have facilities for a disabled person. She lost money and faced health issues as well.

Rajalakshmi has asked the court to provide her a refund of the money from the travel agent as well as compensation for medical expenses. She also wants Air India to refund her ticket and arrange a trip from London to Switzerland.

The High Court of Karnataka will hear the petition again on 3 April 2018. .

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