Supreme Court orders that exclusive quotas be given for elderly Haj pilgrims

The Supreme Court of India has decided to set aside funds exclusively for the elderly who want to travel on the holy Haj pilgrimage. Pilgrims between the ages of 65 to 70 years, and those who have applied for the pilgrimage five or more times are eligible for this quota.

This order of the Supreme Court is a blessing for those who have not been able visit the Haj.

This benefit for senior citizens will be provided by the Ministry of Minority Affairs. People over the age of 70 years will get the benefit of a separate exclusive quota.

The Kerala Haj Committee had submitted a plea seeking more quotas for pilgrims. They had many applicants already and could not accommodate more. It was also found out pilgrims from Bihar have not been able to use the state's quota because they did not have enough pilgrims travelling to the Haj.

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