19-year-model with Down syndrome is on a campaign against barriers

Kate Grant is a 19-year-old model with Down syndrome living in Ireland. She is fed up of the barriers imposed on people with Down syndrome. But she is determined not to stop chasing her dreams of becoming a model.

Kate was inspired after watching her mother Deirdre walk the ramp at a fashion show a few years ago. Ever since then, Kate knew that this is what she wanted to do. She teamed up with a campaign Fixers, that gives a voice to young people. Kate wants to show the world that disability has got nothing to do with achieving great things in life.

Kate has already walked the ramp for the Belfast Fashion Week. But that did not make a difference. Though they sent Kate's pictures to many agencies, nobody got back. Kate was very upset that she was not getting any calls from agencies.

Deirdre says that all parents must be supportive of their children, irrespective of their disabilities. That is why Deirdre became the biggest supporter and motivator for Kate. She is proud of what Kate has been doing. She is determined to help her daughter.

Kate feels that she needs to be a model and walk the ramp not only for herself, but also for her friends with disabilities. She says that people with disabilities are capable of fulfilling their dreams.

Kate asserts that just because she has Down syndrome does not mean that she should not have dreams and aspirations. This young model is gearing up to set the ramp on fire. Good luck with your dreams, Kate!

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