Some vital information about glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can cause blindness if not treated in time.

Here is some more information about the eye disease.

  1. Glaucoma has no symptoms in most of the cases. Even people with a 20/20 vision can have glaucoma and not be aware of it.

  2. Family medical history, age and ethnicity are some factors that can result in glaucoma.

  3. It has been found that people of African, Caribbean or Asian origin are at higher risk of getting affected by glaucoma.

  4. Eye tests to detect the presence of glaucoma are not painful and take very little time.

  5. The disease can affect the eyes at any age.

  6. The progress of the disease can be stopped with timely detection and treatment.

  7. A regular eye check-up is recommended by experts to ensure their health.

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