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This innovative cushion gives some relief from heating issues faced by wheelchair users

March 15, 2018

People who use wheelchairs face a common problem of overheating when sitting for long periods.

This happens as there is little or no air circulation around their backs. This leads to excessive heat and discomfort.

A company in Belgium, Staels Design has come up with an innovative way to avoid this heat and discomfort.

The product is called wheelAir cushion. This specially designed cushion uses battery-operated inbuilt fan technology.

The cushion comes in various sizes to fit the needs of different wheelchair-users. A lithium battery is used to operate the fan used in the cushion. The fan lasts for up to 20 hours. It can be re-charged using a micro USB charger.

The fan also comes with different settings for controlling the airflow system.

The cushion provides support to the back of the person on a wheelchair, while providing cool air.

The product has received a positive response. The first batch of 500 cushions have been sold in 10 countries.

People who sit for long hours at work can use the cushion. It can also be used by truck or taxi drivers, who spend long hours on the road.

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