Australian charity worker convicted of sexually abusing disabled, orphan kids

17 years after Paul Dean was accused of sexually abusing children, a court in India has finally convicted him.

Dean, who is from Australia, worked for years in India pretending to be doctor, priest, and charity worker. Finally, a court in Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh held the 72-year-old guilty. He has also been fined Rs 32,000 for various offences.

Dean was finally convicted thanks to the statement given by a blind child against him. The conviction was delayed for so many years as progress in the case was slow.

Dean abused a number of children during his 30 years in India. His victims were children from poor families, many of them orphans and children with disabilities.

Dean went missing from Australia in 1976. He stole a large amount of money from the travel company that he used to work for. He then came to India as a Catholic missionary. He called himself Brother Alan.

Dean is accused of using false passports and documents to move around the world over the years. He even performed medical procedures on people with leprosy in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, claiming to be a doctor.

Dean was first arrested in 2001 for passport offences and abusing orphans in Vishakhapatnam. He had sexually abused children with vision, speech and hearing impairments at an orphanage run by an organization called New Hope in Vishakhapatnam.

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