Are you craving for sweet food!

Most of us crave for sweet food every now and then.

In fact, it is a very common habit to eat something sweet after a meal.

However, if you are craving for sugary food more than often, then read on!

  1. If you meal has too much carbohydrates, it can increase the desire to eat more sweets.

    High amount of carbs will spike your blood sugar levels and that makes you crave for more sugar.

  2. If your food is too salty, the body may want to balance it out by craving for more sugar rich food.

Regulate the salt intake. Too much salt is not healthy!

  1. Sugar craving could also be due to psychological reasons. Certain sweet foods tend to make our mood better, so every time you feel low, the brain demands sweets to feel happier.

  2. Lack of water in the body is a major cause for sugar craving. If you feel like eating or drinking something sweet, try drinking water first.

Not drinking water after food can affect the digestion and start the craving for sweets.

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