Social enterprise develops innovative game for sign language

SeeCom (Reo-a-Karu), is a social enterprise started in New Zealand, offers sign language classes and products for disabled people.

SeeCom is developing a new interactive sign language game to help people to communicate with each other.

If you thought that sign language was only for the deaf, you are wrong! It can be used for children with disabilities and their parents as well.

The new game that has been developed by SeeCom will trace the body movements of the gamer. It will also trace signs to do different things as part of the game.

For example, users can type JUMP or SWIM, and the characters in the game would do the same! SeeCom is currently working on producing the full version of the game.

SeeCom has also launched new sign posters and flash cards.

According to the company founder, one of the biggest challenges is that people think sign language is only for the deaf. But in fact, sign language can be used by anyone! It is not a language only for the deaf. There are more than 300 sign languages

Sign language can be used as a support language for babies, toddlers, and children with learning disabilities. A reminder that sign language is empowering.

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