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Speech Blubs, the new app that helps disabled kids learn through play

A new app called Speech Blubs aims to make learning easier for children with disabilities. Speech Blubs has been created to improve the imitation and speaking abilities of children with disabilities.

According to the makers of Speech Blub, decades of scientific research have gone into the making of this unique app. This includes research on mirror neurons and video modelling.

Speech Blub uses videos with real faces of children and the latest technology to engage children with disabilities in a face-to-face interaction.

Experts on speech delay, sensory processing disorder (SPD), Down syndrome, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) say the Speech Blub app is one of the most outstanding tools, that can help disabled children.

Seven-year-old Daniel, who has been diagnosed with severe cognitive delay, started using Speech Blub a few years ago. He used to be non-verbal. Now, he is able to pay attention. He also mimics kids from the app, which is a good sign.

Many other users say that Speech Blub has changed the lives of children with disabilities for the better.

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