Google Maps introduces new features for Indian users

Here is some good news for Google Maps users in India. Google Maps have introduced a few new features in the country. Indians can now add an address on Google Maps, use six new navigation languages, and enjoy two new features called Plus Codes and Smart Address Reach.

Hindi was introduced in Google Maps around three years back. Now they have introduced a few more Indian languages like Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil ,Telugu and Bengali. Users can also add a new address on Google Maps. The new address will be verified by Google and it will be reflected on Google Maps.

The Smart Address Search Feature will make the process of locating an address easier. Sometimes users will not be sure of the exact location. That case, they can type a landmark and Google will find all the nearby locations in order to help the user find the specific address.

The ‘Plus Code Feature’ is yet another feature that will be introduced in order to make Google easier for users in India. The feature will zero in on a location based on the Plus Code provided by the user.

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