Video featuring 50 mothers with their kids with Down syndrome goes viral

Mothers from across the United Kingdom have created a karaoke video with their children who have Down syndrome.

The video has been made to create awareness about Down syndrome.

The mothers are part of a Facebook group called the Designer Genes.

The idea of making this moving video came from another video about Makaton, that uses British Sign Language.

Makaton helps hearing people with learning or communication difficulties, express themselves by using signs with speech.

This inspired the mothers of children with Down syndrome to create a video of their own for the World Down Syndrome Day on 21 March.

The video shows the 50 mothers and their children doing Makaton to the hit song, A Thousand Years , by Christina Perri.

The mothers are urging people to view and share the video to create awareness and encourage the children.

Do check out the lovely video below!