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Google Maps creates feature for finding wheelchair accessible routes

Google Maps are bringing out something for the disabled, and wheelchair accessible routing option it is! This new option for people using wheelchairs has already been started off by Google. This new option will make public travelling easier for people with disabilities.

Google has rolled out this new feature in most metropolitan cities across the world. People with disabilities in cities like London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney can access this new feature.

Last year too, Google Maps had come up with something for people with disabilities. They had a feature to see if a place is wheelchair accessible. Users could click on the 'description' and look under the 'Amenities' tab to find places.

To access this new feature all you need to do is, type your destination into Google Maps. After that, tap 'Directions' to get to the place. From there, select 'Public Transportation' and then select 'Options'. 'Wheelchair accessible' routes will appear under the routes section.

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