Special needs teachers in Kerala struggle to cope with poor salaries

All the promises made by the Kerala government regarding the welfare of disabled people seems to be just empty talk. Teachers working at special needs schools in the state say they are getting an unfair deal when it comes to salaries.

Teachers at special schools in Kerala are paid salaries in the range of Rs 7,000 to Rs. 10,000. The private special schools are mainly run by voluntary organizations and trusts, and they receive no government grant or financial assistance.

Kerala has more than 3,000 teaching staff in more than 300 schools for people with mental disabilities. This includes schools run by local bodies. Here too, teachers work for low wages.

A report by the M.K Jayaraj Commission in 2013 had recommended aided status along with reasonable pay for teachers in government and private schools for people with mental disabilities. But this remains on paper.

Around 45 educational institutions for students with visual and hearing impairments have been given aided status. However, no action has been taken in the case of schools for students with mental disabilities.

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