Sign language counseling on video prevents deaf woman from committing suicide

A newly-married woman in Rajasthan's Hanumangarh district was saved from killing herself in the nick of time. The woman, who is deaf and speech impaired, was about to hang herself.

Thanks to swift and coordinated action by the local police and two counselors who knew sign language, she was saved.

The counselors communicated with the 23-year-old woman through a video call from Indore.

The woman, who was allegedly suffering from depression, searched online for the contact number of the counselors, Gyanendra Purohit and his wife, Monica. She told them a few days back that she wanted to end her life.

A few days later, she made a video call again to Gyanendra Purohit, who also works as the state coordinator for Muk Badhir police helpline at Indore. She again asked for help. This time she was standing on her bed with a noose made of her dupatta, apparently to commit suicide.

The counselors started convincing her through sign language. At the time they coordinated with the Hanumangarh police seeking their help.

The woman told the counselors that her father had sexually abused her since childhood. Her husband was also abusive towards her and she was pushed to take this extreme step.

The police reached her just in time. She was about to hang herself when they entered the house. She had kept the mobile phone on a window and was talking to the social workers through sign language.

The woman is now with an NGO in Hanumangarh.

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