Uber and Ola to go on strike from midnight tonight!

App based cabs, Uber and Ola, will not be available for use from the midnight of 18 March.

The drivers of the app based cab booking companies are going on an indefinite strike from midnight tonight.

The drivers of Ola and Uber are protesting against certain policies of their companies.

The strike is expected to take place in major Indian cities, like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and more.

The companies have been accused of giving first priority to company-owned cars rather than driver-owned vehicles.

The drivers claim that this policy is affecting their livelihood.

They say they are facing such heavy losses, that they are unable to repay the vehicle loans they took for the cabs.

The strike is being supported by the Maharashtra Navnirman Vahatuk Sena. The party is helping to organize it.

Ola and Uber company representative have not made any statements about the upcoming strike yet.

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