28 orphans with special needs in Tamil Nadu are waiting to find homes

Few families in India are willing to adopt orphans with special needs. This has again been highlighted in the case of 28 children in Tamil Nadu, who are waiting to be adopted by loving families.

This includes underweight babies, children with low vision and mobility issues, an infant with cleft lip and palate, along with other children who have learning disabilities.

If past reports are to be analyzed, chances of these children finding homes in India are slim.

Children who are up for adoption are classified on the basis of their needs into normal and special. Those with minor health issues have higher chances of being adopted. Indians living outside the country or foreigners largely adopt these kids.

50% of special needs kids are adopted by families in the United States followed by Italy, Sweden, and Spain.

Most of the special needs children are abandoned soon after birth and left under the Tamil Nadu Cradle Baby Scheme due to their condition.

Experts say that there are social and economic reasons why people from India do not want to adopt children with disabilities. People from middle class families also struggle for support in India.

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