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World’s first ensemble of disabled musicians formed in England

March 19, 2018

Dorset Orchestra is the world's first that is made up of an ensemble of disabled musicians.

The musicians are called the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

They have come together thanks to the efforts of Open Up Music. This is a charity based in Bristol that has put together this unique ensemble.

The aim of the charity is to encourage disabled students in secondary or special schools in the region to take up music.

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra uses technology to enable the disabled musicians to play music.

One of the members, Bradley Warwick, has cerebral palsy. He plays an instrument by controlling it with his eyes.

The conductor, James Rose, uses a baton attached to his head to lead the musicians.

It was technology that also enabled the disabled members of another group called the Paramusical Ensemble to play music last year.

The members of a Paramusical Ensemble are unable to talk or move and used an EEG cap to perform.

An EEG cap reads electrical signals from the brain and was developed by the University of Plymouth and the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability.

The technology uses the electrical activity in the brain to create music.

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