Baby with Down syndrome to take part in national baby competition in the United States

Three-year old Kallie Lewis is a beautiful energetic baby who loves to dance and give high five's. She also has Down syndrome and multiple health issues. Some of them could be serious and a risk to life.

Kallie is all set to take part in the Baby Miss American USA Patriot Pageant.

Kallie was born with congenital heart defects. She had open heart surgery when she was five months old. She had a colostomy placed when she was just two days old. This is a surgical procedure where an incision is made in the anterior abdominal wall. An opening is formed by drawing the healthy end of the large intestine or colon through this incision.

These surgeries were followed by 19 more operations for many heart, stomach and ear issues. Kallie also has a blood disorder that makes her vulnerable to leukemia, or blood cancer.

Kallie is competing in the Baby Miss American USA Patriot Pageant at the end of April in Cincinnati. Her family and friends are holding a fundraiser to help cover the costs.

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