Over 10 lakh people with glaucoma in Telangana at high risk of vision loss, warn experts

Over two lakh glaucoma patients in Hyderabad and 10 lakh across the state of Telangana face a high risk of vision loss. Experts in the Hyderabad Opthalmology Association (HOA), have underlined the importance of early detection.

The HOA has issued this alert after analyzing data from state facilities and various studies. They say that 3.5% of the population in Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala are glaucoma patients. What is worrying is that only 10% of these probable cases are detected.

Signs of progressed glaucoma

90% of these cases have chance of becoming blind if they do not get treatment on time, say doctors. They say that if a person regularly bumps into things, is unable to pour water, or has difficulty climbing steps, these are signs the person may have progressed’ glaucoma.

Glaucoma presents no symptoms until the disease has progressed up to 50%. This means that by the time a person has any of the above symptoms, he or she might have already lost a part of their vision. These signs are evident only when it has reached an advanced stage. Such patients should rush to a doctor.

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