Disabled man who is unemployed, crowdfunds to pay his alimony

Shiv Kumar, a 43-year-old year old disabled man in New Delhi, is trying to raise Rs five lakh through crowd funding. He needs to pay the amount as alimony. Shiv Kumar says he is unable to work because he is disabled. So he has turned to the crowd funding platform Milaap to raise the funds.

Shiv Kumar was a newspaper distributor until a bus hit his two-wheeler. He was bedridden for a year. His wife decided to leave him. She also filed a case of domestic violence case against Shiv Kumar and his family.

Shiv Kumar said that he and his wife were married for eight months when the accident happened. They would have constant fights, as she was unhappy about looking after his ailing father. Things became worse after the accident. Doctors even said that Shiv Kumar might not live for very long. She decided to leave.

Soon after, Shiv Kumar was diagnosed with cancer in the pancreas in 2013. He had to undergo chemotherapy and biopsy. All this has drained his funds and savings. It also left him paralyzed on the right side.

After his wife charged him with domestic violence, Shiv Kumar was asked to pay a maintenance of Rs 4,000 a month to her. He had to borrow money from his friends and family to pay this amount.

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