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A toy called BecDot is helping blind kids learn Braille

Braille is a skill that is best learned at an early age. But toddlers with vision impairment have few ways to learn the language. This leaves them behind others of their age, both academically and socially.

A toy called BecDot is changing that. BecDot is a toy created by parents that teaches kids braille in a fun and simple way. It is also durable and affordable.

The creators are Beth and Jake Lacourse, whose daughter, Rebecca, was born with Usher Syndrome. This is a common cause of both vision and hearing loss. The couple decided to create such a toy as they found available methods too basic, or complex, or expensive.

Works simply

The BecDot has a surface that is colorfully lit. On this surface, toys that come with NFC tags (programmed through an app) can be placed. Once the tag is detected, braille letters appear. The device also can emit a sound uploaded by the parent or teacher.

It is simple like all toys should be. It also gives blind and partially sighted kids the opportunity to learn the alphabet and identify short words at the same time and in much, the same way as sighted children.

Right now the BecDot is only in the prototype phase. The product has been chosen for a reward and exhibition by Not Impossible. This organization creates and advocates for tech in the humanitarian space.

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