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Javed Abidi - Tribute by Amir Abidi, his brother

In our series of tributes to the late disability rights leader Javed Abidi, Amir Abidi shares his memories of his older brother.

He was my elder brother - he was seven years older to me - and I always looked up to him, right from school, where he was winning debates, to his time in the US where he got a super accolade of 4.O GPA in his journalism degree. So he has been a role model and inspiration to me, as he has to so many other people.

Then his work with the NCPEDP and before that the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation - we, as family, have been a part of this journey, and we have seen the highs and the lows and also been aware of the impact as it unfolded. But now that he is not there and there is this surge of love and affection and respect that has happened, and is happening.

There are calls from across the country, from abroad, people coming all the way. It has been 10 days and consistently people have been coming and sharing their experiences and how they have been impacted. So, it has been very, yes, it definitely makes one very proud. But it is also a responsibility as a family, as a brother.

Yes, I would want to support the causes that were close to him and most importantly my late father. What I have learned, and what I would want my son and you know every youth for that matter, is do things passionately and sincerely. Whatever he did, when he was in, like doing his course or his work with the sector, he would give his all. And I think that is very important.

That is what should be the spirit which one could emulate from him and take it forward.


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