Laws for protection of elderly must be made tough, says Kerala Human Rights Commission

It has been a day since the video of an elderly woman in Kerala being beaten by her granddaughter, Deepa, went viral on social media sites. Following the incident, the Kerala Human Rights Commission (KHRC) has said that laws to protect the elderly must be made stricter.

The Acting Chairman, KHRC, P Mohana Das has said that the only way to make the lives of senior citizens better is by strengthening the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act.

Das said that reports of elderly abuse are becoming more frequent now. Cases are being reported from middle class and upper class families as well. According to Das, people are not at all sensitive towards the elderly. Many of them are thrown out of their homes after their children and grand children acquire their property.

Das said that the KHRC recently received the case of a rich man who was abandoned by his children. The man is now living in an orphanage.

The KHRC has asked the Revenue Divisional Officers and District Police Officers to submit a detailed report on the physical abuse faced by Kalyani. The Kerala Women’s Commission (KWC) has also asked for a report from the district police chief.

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