Indian Railways takes steps to improve catering experience for passengers

The Indian Railways are getting ready to improve the catering experience for passengers. In the recent past, The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have been getting complaints about over-charging and lack of quality food on the trains.

The IRCTC is introducing Point of Sale (POS) devices on trains. Passengers can ensure that they will not be over-charged for food by vendors, thanks to this POS machine.

The machine has already been introduced in the Bengaluru-New Delhi Karnataka Express. The IRCTC wants to introduce the POS machines in all the trains.

At least 2 POS machines will be provided for each train. It will later be increased depending on the response from passengers.

Officials from the IRCTC will also be employed in all the trains to ensure a smooth functioning and to monitor the functioning of POS machines.

Tablets will also be provided to officials so that they can address the grievances of passengers.

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