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This Smart paint will help the blind move around in public easily

The Ohio State School for the Blind in the United States is developing a technology that will make moving around in public spaces easier for people who are blind or have low vision.

The school is working on a smart paint that can interact with the white cane used by people who are vision impaired.

The white cane vibrates when it touches the paint and can help blind walkers move on main roads and streets.

This smart paint can be used to paint the stripes of zebra crossings on traffic intersections.

When a blind walker using a cane with a new smart tip walks on the painted road, the cane will vibrate.

This means that a blind person will not have to depend on traffic noises to walk safely across the road.

The paint itself is transparent and cannot be seen by sighted people. It can be used to draw maps or navigation routes inside a building as well.

The makers of the paint are testing it extensively.

They are also trying to find various ways that it can be used to help people who are blind.

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