NeoMano, the robotic glove that allows paralyzed hands to grip

NeoMano is the name of a robotic glove that can enable people whose hands are paralyzed to make a grip.

The robotic hand has been developed by a South Korean company called Neofect.

Neofect specializes in developing rehabilitation tools that can make the lives of disabled people comfortable.

NeoMano means new hand. The glove covers three fingers of the wearer. It has been made using titanium wires to help the hands form a grip.

It is controlled with a remote and has two movement functions. One to grip, and the other to release.

The gadget is being called one of the greatest inventions in the field of glove design.

This amazing glove can enable people with paralysis to hold a glass of water, brush their teeth, and do more such tasks of daily life.

The glove is in testing stage and has shown great results.

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